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Case Studies

“What I really like about Gardners is the relationship you have with all the staff, not just with your accounts manager. Being able to pick up the phone and be on first name terms with everyone you speak to isn’t something you always get from an accountant.”

A & A Garage

Business: Providing customers with a reliable consistent and cost effective motor mechanic service.

No. of outlets: 2

Owner: Mr. David Owen

No. of employees: 9

Mr. David Owen

As a garage owner I am in the business of identifying and solving problems for my customers and understand the inconvenience caused when a vehicle breaks down or develops a fault. While I may be an expert mechanic, Gardners are the experts who look after the financial side of my business and do exactly for me what I do for my customers – which is taking all the pressure off and freeing up my time so I can focus on what’s important to me.

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My role is to provide the customer with a reliable, consistent and cost effective service that they know they can trust time and again. Gardners are the accountants who offer me the same quality service that I give my customers. I know that whatever accountancy issue crops up I can trust their experienced team to advise and solve with the minimum of fuss for a swift and professional conclusion.

Gardners offer a personal service that is second to none and I know that my business is safe in their hands. They take the pressure of number crunching and juggling issues such as VAT off my shoulder which enables me to concentrate on running and building my business.

Berth-y-Maen Farm

Business: Dairy, Beef and Arable Farmers

No. of outlets: 1

No. of employees: 3

Paul Evans

Berth y Maen has been in our family for three generations and while it’s not always been easy we still put our hearts and souls into every job that needs doing, just like Gardners do for our business.

Case study gallery image Case study gallery image

As a family we farm almost 700 acres of land including dairy and beef herds as well as crops, which all need managing and looking after. Keeping on top of our farm doesn’t leave us much time to look after book keeping and other essential paperwork. That’s where Gardners help take the pressure off us.

The last thing we need to do after a hard day on the farm is to do the accounts. So we have arranged with Gardners that they come to us once a month and organise all our tax, invoices, V.A.T. and wages. They are like our finance guardians and we would find it extremely difficult if not impossible to manage without their help.

Farming is a lifestyle, a vocation and farming is in our blood. We get up at 5am rain or shine and we don’t finish until 8.30pm most nights. We all muck in together. My brother and I took over the farm from our father over 15 years ago and now my sons help out too. Gardners understand the whole picture and know exactly how important our farm is to us. This allows us to do what we love doing, which is farming and when time allows – the occasional trip to see Everton play.

Emma’s Country Choice

Business: Commercial floral designers specialising in weddings and floral arrangements.

Partnership: Emma Gerrard and Jenny Lee Gerrard

No. of outlets: 2

Emma Gerrard & Jenny Lee Gerrard

I’ve been a floral designer for over 22 years and I love the creativity my business allows me to have. Crafting the perfect bouquet or arrangement still gives me great satisfaction and I love the positive reaction we get from clients when they see what my team have created.

Case study gallery image Case study gallery image Case study gallery image

That’s why it’s important for me to have total faith in my accountant. Dealing with things like VAT, tax and changing legislation as well as keeping up with the day to day running of my business can become too much to deal with, which is where Gardners come in.

We’ve been unfortunate enough to have two tax investigations in the last few years which were both extremely daunting. However, having Gardners by my side made a huge difference. Gardners are so efficient and proficient at what they do which means that the relationship they have with the tax office is excellent and made the whole process so much easier to deal with. Knowing my affairs are in such good hands helps me run my business better and more importantly – enjoy my business.

That said, what I really like about Gardners is the relationship you have with all the staff, not just with your accounts manager. Being able to pick up the phone and be on first name terms with everyone you speak to isn’t something you always get from an accountant. At Gardners you build up great relationships and their personal approach makes it so much easier to sort out any issues before they ever become problems.

Emma GerrardPartner

Greenfield Heritage Park

Business: A fun and educational day out for all the family

Services: Charity

No. of outlets: 1

Turnover: 192

No. of employees: 9

Chris Wright, Operations Manager

The Greenfield Museum and Heritage Park in Holywell has 70 acres of land with a range of farm animals, woodland, a museum, mills and more. We’re a registered charity which means as well as running the Heritage Park we’ve statutory requirements to fulfil. This is where Gardner’s Accountants come into their own. They’ve been our accountants since we first set up in 1985 and their continued help and guidance has been invaluable.

Case study gallery image Case study gallery image Case study gallery image

“The relationship we have with Melanie Langton-Davies and Chris Vernon of Gardner’s is amazingly easy and straightforward. They provide us with practical financial information that helps us run the Heritage Park as a business, which is exactly how it should be. They come into their own when calculating elements such as how much VAT we can reclaim and forecasting our cash flow.

“This year we have been watching our budgets more closely than ever as we are looking at financing a major new attraction. With this in mind Melanie and Chris are producing a cash flow forecast in order to show what our new attraction could potentially bring to the park in the long term, which is crucial when looking at any investment.

“Fully understanding our business accounts and how to manage our funds effectively to benefit the charity is a large task and Gardner’s help enormously with this. They excel at putting accounting terminology into layman’s terms to make everything understandable. They are so easy to communicate with; it makes everything much easier to manage.

“Another advantage of using local accountants is their feel for the micro economic climate. With the amount of experience Gardner’s have in the local area they help us recognise what we have achieved and where we stand in comparison to others, giving us a picture of where we are in the bigger scheme of things.

Mike Kennedy Butchers

Business: Supplier of award winning meats

Owner: Mike Kennedy, Sole Trader

No. of employees: 4

Mike Kennedy, Sole Trader

“The best thing for me about Gardners is the way it’s so easy to just pick up the phone and talk to them.

Case study gallery image Case study gallery image

They’ve been my accountants since I started in business in 1972 and while they have gone through a couple of transitions in that time they continue to be approachable, friendly and really easy to deal with.

As a small business I need to concentrate on making sure that my shop runs smoothly and my customers are content. Winning awards for my produce gives me great satisfaction and a huge sense of achievement. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep coming up with new and inventive ways to keep both by customers and the judges happy!

That’s why I need a reliable, trustworthy accountant to help me with the accountancy side of my business. From payroll, VAT returns and end of year accounts Gardners do it all.

The relationship we have makes is so much easier for me to sort out any queries straight away. From employee legislation to questions on tax Gardners are always there to help me, whether by phone or by just popping in to see them. Choosing Gardners as my accountants allows me to put my customers first.

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